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The Future is Decentralized

What's that all about?

Collectively Collaborate

Apply and hone your skills with others

Communicate & Collaborate in Real-Time

Join an Expert Network

Real-Time Recruiting

Companies and candidates getting to know each other first

Decentralized on the Blockchain

Community Token Economies

Earn Tokens on the Blockchain

Complete tasks for coin

Family-Friendly, Educational, Fun

Build cool things with others, fun for everyone

Independently Owned & Operated

Decentralized Digital Franchise

Become a Digital Franchise Owner

Plug 'n Play digital properties, start a business with all the pieces

Privacy-Focused Consumer Solutions


Your Server, Your Data

Self-host your own chat server for your family, your friends, your business; Take back your privacy

Starting at $10/Mo

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Live Locales

Sights & sounds from locales & establishments around the world